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REVITAL HEALTHCARE (EPZ) LTD is a newly established manufacturer for a number of different products. Opened by His Excellency the President of Kenya , it is the Largest manufacturer of Single use syringes, Needles, Auto disable syringes, Auto disable syringe for fixed dose immunization, Infusion Sets, Blood Transfusion Sets and Blood Collection Tubes in East, Central & West Africa, with Production capacity of 25 million per month, with the most modern automatic machines in a CLASS 10,000 clean room environment.

The factory is situated in Mombasa, Kenya in a EPZ zone designed for industries such as ours. REVITAL takes pride in its achievement and reaffirms to meet the needs and requirements of the customers by Offering quality products at all times. •The company is committed to implementing & following quality management system and has been accredited by:

– ITC (ISO 13485: 2003 & ISO 9001)

–Czech Republic CE Mark


–KEBS For all products making the entire product range match up to International Quality standards..

“ Customers / Users satisfaction with provision of quality products at an affordable price to fulfill social and ethical need of medical fraternity by assimilation and indigenization of ADVANCED TECHNOLOGY available in the world , following Quality Management System & procedures & Statutory & Regulatory Requirements and Procedures to pursue a path of continual improvement with the involvement of the employees.” DR. RAJINKAT C. VORA Chairman, Board of Directors

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Message from Chairman, Board of Directors


Dr. Rajnikant C. Vora (DBA) - Chairman

Revital Healthcare Fraternity is delighted to welcome you to our Online Portal. We are specialists in the manufacture of a range of Products including conventional single-use syringes and the UNICEF and WHO mandated Auto-Disable syringes aimed at lowering the transmission of infectious diseases such as HIV as they collapse after a single use, guaranteeing
they cannot be used again.

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Bill Gates Backs Kenyan Medical Investment

Bill Gates

A Private equity fund backed by Bill Gates' charitable foundation has invested $2.75m (£1.7m) in a Kenyan business developing syringes that help reduce the spread of infection. Read More

Blood Collection Tubes

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Cady Blood Collection Tube

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Fixed Immunization

Read more about our 0.5 ml Cady

Meeting international specification and standard. 
The candy syringe meets the international standard for AD Syringe for fixed dose immunization ISO 7886-3.

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IV cannula

Read about our Reflon IV Cannula


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