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About Us

Revital Healthcare (EPZ) Ltd started on 31st August 2008, at Jomvu Miritini. Revital was inaugurated by the Late Honourable Ex- President Mwai Kibaki and Minister of Health Prof. Anyangyong. With a lack of medical device manufacturing companies across Africa; Revital became the first East and Central African company to manufacture medical devices such as Auto-Disabled syringes and reuse preventing syringes and begin the rise of African Medical device manufacturing.

With the estäblishment of Revital’s. second manufacturing plant in 2017, the company has grown to become one of the largest manufacturers of Medical Devices on the African continent with a continuous expansion in manufacturing capacities and introduction of new medical devices on a anno basis.

At Revital, we strive to develop a stronger medical device infrastructure across Africa. while providing quality, affordable and accossibie medical devices across the globe to support in the saving of millions of lives. With our partners across Government Agencies.

Non-Governmental Organisations and private clientelo, Revital has exported to 29 countries across the globe through holding various international certification such as CE ISO 13485, ISO 9001, ISO 14001. WHO-GMP and WHO. PQ

Fierce Drive towards Women Empowerment

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Female Employment

Over Revital’s tenure, the company has shown great devotion to ensuring women across the region are provided with the opportunity to grow and prosper through the allocation of jobs to ensure they have a chance to develop their skills, careers and support their loved loves.

Mr Rajni Vora (Chairmen), has always beleived in providing greater opportunities to the women of Kenya due to their drive, dedication and keen eye for detail that comes a long way when operating a medical device industry in terms of up-helding the high quality standards the factory currently holds. With this being said Revital has continue to grow and develop in terms of workforce and today Revital employs over 600+ locals with 80% of the workforce being women.

Mission, Vision and Quality



Revital Healthcare is dedicated to provide the Health Sector with reliable, affordable, unique and thoughtfully developed high quality medical devices and supply chain solutions to improve the accessibility of sensitive products across the globe. Our goal is to offer products which significantly improve the efficiency and effectiveness of Medical Disposables.



Revital Health care is dedicated in Customers and Users satisfaction with provision of Quality Products at an affordable price to fulfil social and ethical need of medical fraternity by assimilation and indigenization of advanced technology available in the world, following Quality Management System & Statutory & Regulatory Requirements and Procedures to pursue a path of continual improvement with the involvement of the employees.



To focus on developing an organization built on the cornerstones of Good Leadership, Teamwork, Expertise and Continuous Improvement. We believe that this combination of efforts allows us to produce and deliver well designed quality products which meet the demands of healthcare providers within the public sectors, private sector and NGOs.


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Team at Revital

Rajni Vora

Rajni Vora


With a business experience of over 40 years, Mr. Rajni envision is to steer Revital Healthcare, to continue being a pioneer in African Healthcare Manufacturing.

Shiergu Handa

Shiergu Handa


Mr. Shiergu, plays a pivotal role in shaping the direction and success of Revital Healthcare, leveraging his profound understanding of international dynamics to drive impactful outcomes.

Ankur Vora

Ankur Vora

General Manager/ Director Of Operations

Mr. Ankur has been with the company since the beginning and has steered the
company into a well-diversified manufacturing plant.

Harsh Mehta

Harsh Mehta

Head Of International BD

Mr. Mehta overlooks the strategic expansion and partnerships of the company in territories outside the African continent.

Roneek Vora

Roneek Vora

Director Of Sales & Marketing

Mr. Roneek vast network across Sub-Saharan Africa and understanding of management logistics has ensured a smooth end-to-end sales experience for all partners and clients.

Darshan Vora

Darshan Vora

Director Of Finance

Mr. Darshan overlooks the management accounts, auditing and the
facilitation of relationships with vendors and financial institutions.

Navin Choubey

Navin Choubey

Finance Officer

Mr. Navin has steered the company towards an exponential growth protectory due to his keen interest and knowledge as a Chartered Accountant.

Krupali Shah

Krupali Shah

Head Of Product Development

Miss Krupali executed the production of the first locally produced Viral Transport Medium Kits for testing during the COVID-19 Pandemic and introduced Rapid Diagnostic Tests for COVID-19 and high burden diseases such as Malaria and HIV with more to come.

Pramod Kumar

Pramod Kumar

Production Manager

Mr. Pramod along with his 15 years within the manufacturing industry, manages the Revital Healthcare production processes.

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