Revital Cady Fixed Dose Immunisation Syringe

Sterile hypodermic syringe for single use with Auto-Disable feature packed and sealed in a medical grade paper and medical grade blister film. The Syringe is made up of polypropylene (P.P) and HDPE and gasket is made up of soft TPE/TPR material.

Revital Auto Disable Syringe for Fixed dose immunisation is a solution designed to address safe vaccine administration and support humanitarian aid across the globe.

After completing the administration of the required dose the plunger shall automatically lock and breakaway rendering the syringe unusable, which prevents the use of the syringe ever again.

Our technology of current and next-generation Auto-Disable Syringes allows for the Auto Disable mechanism to be activated immediately upon up-take of the required dose (early-activation) or at the end of administration (late activation).


Auto Disable feature to prevent re-use

Syringe is sterile, nontoxic, non-pyrogenic

Available in both Early-Activation and Late Activation features

Low dead space to reduce vaccine wastage

High Accuracy for fixed dose immunisation

Transparent barrel, easy measurement of the volume and easy detection of air bubbles

Shelf life: 5 years sterilized by Ethylene Oxide (EO)


Packaging Dimensions

Size NOZZLE Inner Box Outer Box
0.3ML 2 PART 23G X 1 FIXED 100 PCS 36 x 100
0.05ML 3 PART 23G X 3/8″ 100 PCS 40 x 100
0.5ML 2 PART 23G X 1 FIXED 100 PCS 36 x 100
0.5ML 3 PART 23G NEEDLE ATTACHED 100 PCS 40 x 100
0.3ML 2 PART
0.5ML 2 PART E008/040
0.5ML 3 PART

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