Revital Foley Balloon Catheter

Foley catheter for single use consists of a thin, sterile tube made of natural latex 100% coated with medical solid silicone, ended with soft rounded closed tip with safe and symmetrical balloon inflation. There are two types of Foley catheter 2way that consist of tube has two lumens, one lumen for urinary drainage, which is to be connected to urine collection container, one lumen with one- way valve for inflation /deflation of Foley balloon.


Made from elastomer and bonded with latex rubber, which can be retained within the body for a longer duration

Symmetrical Foley balloon to ensure an upright tip within the urinary bladder for proper urine drainage

Distal end is coned with 2 lateral burr free eyes to prevent the risk of injury and encrustation

Hard plastic valve for trouble free inflation and deflation of balloon. Colour coded for easy identification


Packaging Dimensions

Two Way:

A 2-way catheter has two lumens – one to drain fluid (in this case urine) and one to inject fluid or medication (in this case water into the balloon).

Size Balloon Capacity
6 & 10 3CC
12 & 14 5CC
16 | 18 | 20 | 22 | 24 | 26 30-50CC

Three Way:

3-way urinary catheters consist of three lumen’s to flush water into the bladder. These cathaters are used to irrigate the bladder post-operatively to remove blood, clots, debris etc.

Size Balloon Capacity
16 | 18 | 20 | 22 | 24 | 26 30-50CC