Revital Ryles Tube: 6mm-22mm

For short- or medium-term nutritional support, and also for aspiration of stomach contents.


Ryle’s tube/duodenal Ryle’s tube for introduction through nasogastric route for aspiration of intestinal fluid or for administrations of enteral nutrition

X-ray line facilitates detection during passage to duodenum

Soft rounded distal end with corrosion resistant stainless steel balls into the sealed tube, to assist the passage of the tube during intubations

Four lateral eyes are provided for efficient aspiration & administrations

Smooth surface for easy insertion

Colour coded universal funnel shape or insulin spigot connector for easy identification of sizes provided at proximal end

Marked at 500mm | 600mm | 700mm from the tip


Packaging Dimensions

Colour Light Green Purple Black White Green Orange Red Yellow Pink Sky Blue
Size 6FG 8FG 10FG 12FG 14FG 16FG 18FG 20FG 22FG 24FG