CADY Rapid Malaria Test Kits

One step Malaria detection test

The CADY Malaria PF/Pan Ag Rapid test is a lateral flow immunochromatographic assay. For the simultaneous detection and differentiation of Plasmodium falciparum (Pf) antigen and P.Vivax (Pv), P.ovale (Po) or P.malariae (Pm) antigen in human blood specimen.

Accuracy of 99%

Rapid Result in 20 mins

Test Anywhere, Anytime


How To Use

Reading Results


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Empowering Wellness: Unveiling Our Self-Test Malaria Kit

Our self-test malaria test kit offers a simple and reliable solution for individuals to screen for malaria in the comfort of their homes. With rapid results and easy-to-follow instructions, it enables early detection and prompt treatment, ensuring better health outcomes while respecting privacy and convenience.

Step-by-Step Guide: How to Use Our Malaria Self-Test Kit

Prepare the Kit : Open the kit carefully, ensuring all components are intact. Check the expiration date to ensure the reliability of the test.

Wash Your Hands: Thoroughly clean your hands with soap and water to prevent contamination.

Collect a Blood Sample: Collect a blood sample and have it prepared, or store it in the refrigerator if testing is scheduled for a later time

Step-by-Step Instructions

Preparing for Testing

When ready to test, open the pouch at the notch and remove device. Place the test device on a clean, flat surface.

Dispense Specimen

Dispense specimen into central S well, avoiding air bubbles. Add 3 drops (100-120 μL) Blood Lysis Buffer to central B well immediately.

Blood Transfer Device

Fill the blood transfer device (inverted Cup) with the blood specimen as shown in the image. The volume of the specimen around 5ul.

Get Results

Results can be read at 20 – 25 minutes. It may take more than 20 minutes to have the background become clearer. 


If only the C line appears, and no burgundy color in both the Pan and Pf test lines, it signifies that Plasmodium antigens are not detected. The result is negative.


If only the Pan line appears with the C line, it indicates the presence of pLDH antigen. The result is negative for Pf and positive for other Plasmodium species (Pv, Pm, and Po).

Pf Positive

Both Pan and Pf lines with the C line indicate pHRP-II antigen, confirming Pf infection. It may also suggest a mixed Pf and Pan infection with both pHRP2 and pLDH antigens.


If no C line develops, the assay is invalid regardless of any burgundy color in the test lines as indicated above. Repeat the assay with a new device.


If no C line develops, the assay is invalid regardless the burgundy color in the test lines as indicated above. Repeat the assay with a new device.


If no C line develops, the assay is invalid regardless of any burgundy color in the test lines as indicated above. Repeat the assay with a new device.

Points To Remember

1. The Assay Procedure and the Interpretation of Assay Result sections must be followed closely when testing for the presence of plasmodium antigen in whole blood from individual subjects. Failure to follow the procedure may lead to inaccurate test results.

2. The CADY Malaria Pf/Pan Ag Rapid Test is limited to the qualitative detection of plasmodium antigen in whole blood. The intensity of the test line does not have linear correlation withthe antigen titer in the specimen.

3. In the case that both Pan and Pf lines are visible, interpret the result cautiously. Infection by Pf alone or co-infection with Pf and any of the other three plasmodium species could results in color development on both Pan and Pf lines. Thus, when both Pan and Pf lines are visible, follow up with appropriate additional testing methods for further discrimination of plasmodium species present in the sample.

4. A negative result for an individual subject indicates absence of detectable plasmodium antigen. However, a negative test result does not preclude the possibility of exposure to or infection with plasmodium.

5. A negative result can occur if the quantity of the plasmodium antigen present in the specimen is below the detection limits of the assay, or the antigens that are detected are not present during the stage of disease in which a sample is collected.

6. A result positive for pLDH and negative for pHRP-II does not necessarily rule out a Pf infection, since, due to the genetic diversity some Pf isolates lack the HRP-II gene7,8.

7. Infection may progress rapidly. If the symptom persists, while the result from CADY Malaria Pf/Pan Ag Rapid Test is negative or non-reactive, it is recommended to test with an alternative test method.

8. Some specimens containing an unusually high titer of heterophile antibodies or rheumatoid factor may affect expected results.

9. The results obtained with this test should only be interpreted in conjunction with other diagnostic procedures and clinical findings.

Frequently Asked Questions

How accurate is the Revital Malaria Self-Test Kit?

Revital’s Malaria self-test kits are designed for high accuracy. When used correctly, they can provide reliable results, but no test is infallible. Follow instructions carefully for the most accurate outcome.

How does the Revitals Malaria Self-Test Kit work?

The kit works by detecting specific antigens related to malaria parasites in a blood sample. Follow the provided instructions for accurate results.

What is the shelf life of the Revitals Malaria Self-Test Kit?

The kit has a long shelf life of 24 months for prolonged reliability. Check the packaging for the expiration date.

Can the Revitals Malaria Self-Test Kit detect different types of malaria parasites?

Yes, the kit is designed to detect various Plasmodium species, providing comprehensive results for a more accurate diagnosis.


Revitals Malaria Self-Test Kit: Empowering Accuracy, Speed, and Convenience

Our Malaria Self-Test Kit offers a user-friendly solution for rapid and accurate malaria detection. With its high sensitivity, clear result interpretation, and portability, it empowers individuals to conveniently test for various Plasmodium species, ensuring timely and reliable outcomes in the comfort of their own space.

Rapid Results

Provides quick and timely results within a specified timeframe, enabling swift detection of malaria with remarkable accuracy

Long Shelf Life

Ensures prolonged stability and reliability, allowing extended kit storage without expiration concerns.

User-Friendly Design

Designed for easy, intuitive use, ensuring confident testing with clear instructions and minimal complexity.


Offers reliable and accurate results, with high sensitivity to detect the presence of malaria parasites.